Saturday, 21 November 2015

Slimming World. Haven't been doing very wellreally

I should be because I should be watching what I am eating because of my diabetes too - but I've been sneaking chocolate and extra's and crisps again every day - consequently over a two weeks period I have only lost half a pound - although it's half a pound down, I get quite despondent that it's only half a pound.  Maybe if I was good it could have been 3.5lb's

AND today so far I have eaten crap all day long.  How stupid is that.

Right back to it again.

altogether I have lost 10lb's as I was 12.13/5 when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  the following week I started Slimming World at 12.12 - so with them I have lost 8.5lb's (in about 6/7 waeks - not good going eh) now I'm 12.3/5.

I did get a bit complacent because I can almost get into nearly all the clothes I bought when I was 11.5 stones a couple of years ago.............................I have to lose 3.5lb's this week and be 12 stones next Saturday when I weigh in.

Today I draw a line - and next Saturday I will be 3.5lb's lighter.  That is said.

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