Saturday, 21 November 2015

Very strong winds around he country

AND the car door ripped out of my hand and hit the wall - probably around £200 or more to get it repaired or through insurance -don't know if it will cost me on my annual premium though.

AND the bloody fencing in the garden blew in and smashed up - found out that we are joint responsible for the fencing with the shit next door - that is the landlord who is a right nasty piece of work !  I rang him he was very abrupt on the phone and said he would check out who was responsible - didn't get back to me.  So I checked with Land Registry and David Wilson homes who was responsible and as our luck would have it - it's joint.  £300 for repair - just before Christmas that is after paying out £320 for the sofas two weeks ago, Keirs dish washer £200........I need a new laptop and Christmas is very close.  bit of a bummer.

Anyway, I then texted the landlord and he's chosen to ignore us again - shit bag.

ah well.  it's all done now thankfully.

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