Friday, 27 November 2015

Tired and worn out this week

and HAD TO cancel my reflexology treatments, just couldn't bear the thought of finishing work at 1 pm after 4.5 hours - hard graft at work and then rushing home to get ready and go back out again to customers over in Sutton and make them feel nice and relaxed etc whilst I was het-up and feeling pretty grouchy.

plus I went for my diabetes educational session on Monday and they said - you NEED to relax.  People that are rushing here and there and everywhere are the most likely to develop diabetes !  Key and I NEVER stop.  we must find more time to relax.

So next week I have about 8 reflexology treatments and just 4 weeks away to reducing my hours.  Money has gone down and down and down though with Christmas approaching so I don't so much like the idea of not having much of an income, but you know what - I'm nearly bloody 60 time to relax a bit more, just wish Key could too.

Time rushes by.

Nearly Christmas!

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