Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Day = Wnere the hell did this year go and the last 7 days in particuar

I wish wish wish we had Christmas parties and outings etc to go to - but we don't - we do have the theatre on Thursday and looking forward to that but what its called I cannot remember, it's a Farce - a spin off of 12 days of christmas meets agatha christie and the 39th steps.  looking forward to it actually.

so had lots of pressies and love them.  AND korin was very happy with all her presents too !  amazing.  Key was happy with his presents but he had only a couple to open.

Benny made us laugh trying to open the presents with us.  Keir and Alison loved their presents as well and we loved their presents also.

All in all it was a fantastic day.

Too too too much food, and was 12.2 yesterday for Christmas eve, I reckon I will be 12.5 again today, but not weighing myself again now for a week until new year - then the serious losing weigh will start, my diabetic nurse wants me to lose a stone - so i will and feel great.

Never heard from Marian and so she is now completely and utterly DEAD to me.  I would love her to contact me so I can tell her that too.........................having said that i feel so much more in control of my life without her, she was so so negative, a complete drain on my energy AND critisised EVERYTHING I put on facebook, I can truly say there is definitely a very very thin line between love and hate and I really hate her for what she has done to me.  to put it politely I woudn't piss on her if she was on fire.

And so it's 11 pm and I am in bed with Benny boy lying next to me, we are all stuffed as stuffed as the turkey was....................... ha ha.  feel sick and reckon I won;'t get much sleep because of acid.

TV was rubbish, but we (keir ali korin key and me) played Speak out and it was hillarious.  All in all a great day.  heres some pics


Just after dinner 

As we started to play 'Speak out'

Everyone was in hysterics 

The Farce we are going to see at the Garrick in Lichfield

Benny Opening his own presents and trying to open everyone elses too it was funny 

My beautiful boots and watch and perfume and purse !  and more perfume off Keir and Ali  x x x x love you all.

so funny today 

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