Tuesday, 13 March 2012

eye doctor today

it hasn't got any worse. Pretty convinced that it's not glaucoma - but it could be a degenerative disease ?? but he said that he hasn't seen anything like this before ............... trust it to be me. It's a thinning and cupping and a kind of notch in the ocular nerve.............anyway, it's going to monitor it and have me back in 6 months - last time was 3 months, he said it wasn't anything to worry about. So I shall try not to worry. Tomorrow is D day............... hope I'm not shoved off to Queens - hope that falls on others to do, I was the only one working again between 8 am and 10.20 today...............they drive me mad. Tired and worn out. By this time tomorrow I will know what is happening. I really really hope it's not terribly bad news. have applied for a couple of very part time jobs - be good if I got them - that would allow me less boredom to do two different types of jobs, but in Nuneaton - so a little further than I travel now but not as far as Burton where I reckon, IF I'm lucky enough to have a job, that I will probably end up working.

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