Saturday, 24 March 2012

horrible week at work

everyone is very tetchy because of not knowing whether we have jobs or not. to add insult to injury Charlotte announces she is now permanent in clinic prep. I really saw red as Gwen hadn't told me and I went to see Bev and Bev didn't know but I suspect she really just keeps her head down to survive and not make waves. So I emailed gwen to say that I was angry and upset that I won't again have the opportunity to go for clinic prep and that i felt i had been stabbed in the back and everything had been done behind my back. Gwen writes back to say that it was still only temporary - so WHO IS LYING? I am really sick of all this. Then Charlotte gets all bulshy and says that when I don't get my own way then I get nasty about things !!!! ME get my own way, now that would be something wouldn't it! I hate the lot of them. 10 days until we find out whos redundant - who's being moved, who stays where they are etc etc - IF I'm moved and that lot remain together which I know they will if Gwen has anything to do with - let the clique stay together ! THEN IT IS ALL GOING TO COME OUT and I shall tell the chief exec EVERYTHING that goes on in that place IN NHS Time. Sick of it all.

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