Monday, 12 March 2012

worried about tomorrows meeting

went out the weekend and bought korin a pandora bracelet - and some charms and a digital camera and clothes. her 21st has kinda snook up on me somewhat. so have ordered a couple of 21st items off ebay - hope we get them in time. Have today bought her a cosmetics bag and a cupcake stand. Went to Greggs and ordered 21 cupcakes - mixture of chocoalte and strawberry and lemon, they look gorgeous. Need to craft a 21 to stick in the top cupcake...................hope she likes it. 21 years eh, where did the years go. Work is horrible waiting for this meeting - I am utterly convinced that it will be me to have to go to Queens. Or worse still we will have to apply for jobs at Queens..............which will mean that I shall be out on my ear ! Key keeps saying to stop worrying.................but it's not easy gettin a new job at my age and without qualifications. POOOOOOOOOOOOO

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