Thursday, 8 March 2012

wed 14th 1 pm - meeting at work

although my job bores the life out of me ! - next wednesday is 'D' day - we find out what is going on, we all reckon on redundancies although the management have said they cant afford to make us redundant. So, we are all expecting to be shifted off to Queens hospital and told to do this that and the other - fit in with them, do odd hours to keep our jobs - I don't know how I feel about it. I don't want to move - especially if it's every day, will mean £85 month petrol - 580 miles a month on car, wear and tear and extra 4 hours travelling each week more - i have just cut down by 3 hours a week at work and losing around £100 so it's not good at all. Maybe if I have to move to Burton I can go just for the initial few weeks to keep a job - maybe go register with lots of staff agencies and apply for anything and everything ................. but then everyone else will be applying for everything and anything. Such a worry. AND this is all sumizing that we will have jobs. I have this gut feeling that I am going to be out on my ear.

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