Thursday, 3 January 2013

3rd of January 2013 !!! rushing by already

Done another Layout tonight - of the kids when they were 6 & 9 it was Korins birthday the journalling on the main layout reads you played together like two best friends for many many years and then suddenly you grew apart and now you seem to hate each other, this saddens me, I wish you were still the best of friends and looked out for each other. It'd be nice to think that when we are no longer around that you two could always rely on one another. Then theres a bit of hidden journalling on the tag under the main layout/photo - its the same photo printed onto cardstock and the journalling is about how we went to aunty lyns and uncle mikes for Koz's birthday - we had a wonderful day with them, but it was the last time we ever saw them - we still don't know why to this day that they suddenly stopped contacting us ?

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