Friday, 18 January 2013

Well Key did it ........................

ordered me the Olivia Alphabet - I had gone on about it for such a long time and told him how Linda in America wanted it too - and from australia it was going to cost us around £60 each but then Linda was saying it was a lot of money IF we don't use it - VERY TRUE, and I had had my £25 back from the 'wrong' Olivia alphabet being sent to me - it just seemed that it wasn't to be. I couldn't get the alphabet in England and everywhere I tried in America it was out of stock. So I had resigned myself to thinking that I wasn't going to have it. Then Key went into my ebay account and pressed 'buy it now' as there was just 22 hours remaining on the Australian one - GOT IT - but it cost £63 with postage and I think there will be a further £13 to pay for VAT before I get it - can't believe that I have spent so much on an alphabet. Maybe IF I get fed up with it I can flog it on. BUT I have been using my alphabets and cuttlebug such a lot recently. I have to use it now to justify the price. I will make Linda a few complete alphabets so she can use it in America - and it will be a nice surprise for her.

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