Friday, 11 January 2013

My Birthday

today 11th - but yesterday at work as I am off annual leave today ............ and at work (believe it or believe it not) they bought me flowers (genuinely) and cards which were all very nice - not out the 'forgotten birthdays box of cards' - and it was a lovely dat at work (apart from HAVING to work - of course) - but I'm off today.
some of the flowers from work.
card from hubby today
card from K & O - beautiful
card from Koz
A wonderful meal out - best meal we've had in a long long time
cooked beautifully and tasted wonderful.
we went here, terribly cold foggy january night though, and it was freezing.
A birthday balloon
OH and NOT forgetting a cuddly toy for my desk at work WILL update later as we are out for the 'family' meal tonight but only DD & her BF are coming.
Meal at the Riftwood in Tamworth, my choice, bad choice, starter was OK - Keys meal OK but only just as the chips weren't cooked properly - and mine and Koz's meal was awful......they did give us the cost of the two meals but we had to wait for over an hour to be served............... then we saw this film which was good - a little boring in the middle but was worth seeing. All in all a BRILLIANT BIRTHDAY.


  1. Happy Birthday,Gilly.
    Hope the celebrations continue all through the weekend!