Friday, 26 July 2013

I am truly heartbroken.

my poor boy - Gunner was put to sleep yesterday afternoon. I am devastated. I cannot stop crying. I miss you boy already, the house is so empty even though we still have the two cats and we are all here - I dreaded coming home to an empty house this afternoon fortunately daddy was here - but your sofa was empty and I just wanted to scream how much I missed you. I drove past all the dog walkers, the people I used to pass whilst walking with you and wished that it could be that way again - I wish I could turn the clock back ten years to when we first had you and we walked for miles together. I miss you so much already and it's only just 24 hours. You were such a good dog and you will never be replaced. You used to sit by the side of me for hours whilst I crafted - occasionally getting up for a walk downstairs - then back up again - jump on my bed - come nuzzle my elbow up as much to say 'come on then, lets go walkies'.............I loved you with all my heart and will miss you forever Gunner. RIP my beautiful boy.

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  1. poor little guy!... my sympathy for your loss... i fully understand what it means to lose a friend like that =( be strong! hugs