Thursday, 18 July 2013

I think I might still be addicted ......................

to crafting. When I think back to June 2007 and that card kit I bought from Hobbycraft and I thought £18 was a lot of money - BLIMEY I had NO idea what it would lead to..................I am still addicted to buying stuff on a weekly basis - sometimes on a daily basis - yes sometimes it's only £2 - £3 here and there, but some weeks it's £30 +, it has to stop - or be considerably reduced as I want to start saving money rather than dipping into our savings each month. Anyway - a few pictures of what I've been up to - loving the little moulds that I pour UTEE into and spray with gold paint - have had some air drying clay come today so I want to have a play with that - but what to make? & now ordered a couple more moulds off ebay too. It has to stop Gilly - it has to stop. some MORE inchies. although the 2nd one on the top was a swapped one - I think Honeypip it was so pretty I've mingled it with the ones I've made in my Inchies, Twinchies and More book I'm making. that's the face I made with the mould and UTEE The music twinchies I made for the inchies, twinchies and More challenge blog - the little book I am making, each page houses 12 inchies, or 4 twinchies or two ATC's - just hope it BINDS together well.

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