Monday, 22 July 2013

Annual Leave today and tomorrow and wednesday.

have planned to decorate the downstairs loo - but REALLY AM NOT IN THE MOOD. Have been and got the paint and accessories though so may feel a bit more inclined a little later on. Fingers crossed I do get in the mood. Went to the Range to purchase the paint etc and did a bit of crafty shopping - not a lot, I was very restrained and I tidied my craft desk yesterday and a few other bits and pieces and realised that there was such a lot I have bought and never use - must start to use this stuff or sell it - it's really quite naughty of me. Anyway, love the little beads only £1 for all of them. Got to get a new vacuum and get the dog to the vets or the vet will come here ! - why can't I have annual leave and have NOTHING to do ! except crafting - of course :) just topping up this post - been to Argos and bought a new vacuum cleaner, we were going to buy a dyson - but at nearly £400 it just didn't seem justifiable - a hoover at £80 which is HALF PRICE had good reviews so we got that one. Got home in this SWELTERING heat and vacuumed downstairs as the vet may call (because he's having building works done at the surgery and difficult to bring the animals into) thought this was nice of him - however, I vac'd from bottom throughout and up the stairs and my bedroom and landing and rang the vets - at the moment the building work is scheduled to finish in the next hour so my appointment time is still on - poor Gunny

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  1. poor girl! housework is sooo bad for an artist LOL!