Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A week tomorrow

since we had Gunner put to sleep. Worst day today, that I haven't been able to stop thinking about him. But must admit that tonight is probably the best night - I came home from work and didn't look straight at his chair. That might sound callous - not even a week, but every night I have come home and sat in his 'spot' and cried and been upset - so maybe it's a break through - I need closure now because I miss him so much and really been feeling down. I know that If he was human he wouldn't have wanted me to be so upset and angry - he was an old man (97 in human years) - he was tired and worn out from the coughing, and it was really cruel to have kept him going unnecessarily. God Bless you my dear dog - I had ten glorious years with you mate, we played and laughed and you gave us your good years and we gave you all the love we could possibly give. I am crying now, but tears of joy, of the happy life you had with us. Goodbye my beautiful boy. Gunny Bunny Birchy.

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