Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day two of Annual Leave - ONLY one day left !

rain was so heavy overnight and this morning - thought it would cool everything down - IT DIDN'T and I'm baking hot. I spent 2 hours on my computer and getting ready - NOT really doing anything much - just wasted loads of time............ordered a couple of bits - but nothing major. Then I started to sand that bloody radiator down after I'd had my lunch - it took forever as it was so rusty at the bottom where we hang wet clothes on to dry ! - must stop doing that then. Then washed it all down and painted it. 1.30 hours later - needs a second coat :( Watched a bit of TV and tidied the kitchen for the 2nd time today and realised it's 4.10 pm - time to feed the dog - I cannot believe where today has gone. AND I only have one day left Annual leave to get my decorating done - so it won't get done will it ! Tomorrow I shall concentrate on getting the rest of the glossing done in the morning before it gets too hot and then do the walls at the weekend - hopefully the weather will cool down a little - it's just TOO TOO hot to be decorating in a small room. Wish I'd booked the week off now.

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