Friday, 11 September 2015

aldi shop

Korin has gone on at me for weeks to shop at Aldi.  I have no objections to shopping at Aldi used to do it all the time when the kids were young and occasionally in recent years but at Morrisons I can get absolutely everything I need so don't need to shop at two stores.  Shopping at Aldi the cats will only eat Whiskas food - and I don't particularly like their cooked meats - but needs must, we have to cut down on our shopping bill someway or other.

So the shop came to £72 - when we got back we added up what I would normally spend like the 5% mince is £1. 30 cheaper at Aldi - so a saving of £2.60 saving and again another £.1.30 on a whole chicken........................we reckon we saved around £20 or just under - but I'm happy with that.

Got all the foods we need for a massive attack on Slimming World over the next fornight.  we have weighed and we shall see what we are in two weeks time - fingers crossed.

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