Thursday, 10 September 2015

10th September................last day of Jury Service

Well I certainly did not expect to feel down about finishing Jury Service at all !  totally unexpected.

The little group of us 15 had gelled so well together.  The men were all very much gentlemen and walked me to the bus stop on the 2nd case we were on.  And the girls all chatted together and got on so well - just a pity I don't work with them as it was so nice having NORMAL conversations.  no one talks at my normal work which i find really unbelieveable.

we were sent home early yesterday and thought that we were going to be on a small 1 day - 1,5 day case today which would finish lunch time tomorrow but at 12.30 pm we were sent home again for good.  It was sad.  Everyone kinda rushed off with a 'cheery-o' and that was it.  I felt very deflated.  I don't think I expected to be embracing people, but it was suddenly  'all over'.

And I really wouldn't mind doing it all again - HOWEVER I do not think the NHS would allow me to - but when I am doing reflexology again and IF I am called then I could claim loss of income and I would definitely do it all again.  Then again, maybe next time the people wouldn't be as nice.

Back to the shithole work again tomorrow at 1 pm - wish I didn't have to, but I do.  AND then a fortnight holiday or at least 10 days and going to give Slimming world a really really good go - and I have Keys desk and chest of drawers arriving = flat pack from Ikea so will need to get them done and maybe do a bit of decorating.

Hope to go to Ironbridge and Stratford upon Avon on 19th / 20th - so that will be nice.

Fingers crossed for my slimming campaign want to be 11 stone for Christmas.  BIG WANT but I know I can do it - I've done it before.

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