Wednesday, 2 September 2015

2nd day of jury service

it's a fraud case but that is all i an say..................met a lovely indian lady on my first day by the end of the day it was like we had known each other for ever !!  but I got onto this case which is 4 days and she didn't - we started the 2nd day today at 10.30 and didn't come back out until 1 pm - she wasn't around so asked Sophie the Clerk to the Courts and she said they had been sent home again as they hadn't got  case to go to...............lucky beggars eh.  first day though we sat around from 10.30 to 3 pm with nothing to do, so i would rather be in a case than sitting around being bored and getting a numb bum.

so the bank holiday weekend came and went and it wasn't nice weather but it gave me time to get Keys bedroom done - it looks much better but still have to order his desk and chest of drawers, the spare bedroom come dressing room is now just a junk room although korin is using it as her dressing room now as it's oposite her bedroom.

so from this empty shell to


to a proper bedroom ..................... still has to be decorated and get some pictures on the wall to make it look more lived in.

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