Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Sunday 13/9/15

Am pleased that I have lost 2lb's over the weekend.

Gotta stick at SW for a fortnight - really well, then we can see what we have lost.

Korin is very down about jobs and boredom, Rhian doesn't really bother with her at weekends because she has loads of family and other friends to see.

Keir is lonely too because Ali works until late every day 10 days out of 12  - wish I could win the lottery and set them all straight.

We went for a walk - Korin and I but ended up only walking down to Keirs house - they'd just come home with the kittens, they are so gorgeous.  Love them.

Have got a few treatments of reflexology over the next fortnight whilst I'm off work - will try and tidy them up so I have a few days to do what I want to do rather than trying to fit everything in as usual.

treatment in the morning early.

Want to get paint and paint Key's bedroom, as the walls are very bad.  Keir and Olivias - Keir and Alisons legacy.

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