Monday, 21 March 2016

Didn't go back to work today

not so bad 'pain' wise- but foot still very swollen and I just feel really down and tired - hip on right leg hurting suppose it's because of using the leg more taking the weight off the left leg.  Oh the joys of getting old - don't get me wrong I want to get old - it's denied of many, but I just have aches and pains all over the place and how easily I sprained/damaged this leg - it;s quite worrying.

did a bit of tidying out of my desk drawers at home today - two black bin liners later - had to get key to collect it all up as my foot was well and truly achey by the time I finished.  BUT feel better for it, must start doing a bit of feng shui again - help a better flow of energy in the house, I feel the need to get decorating done etc - so as soon as my ankle is better that is it - decorating time - want to get the lounge completely up to date and looking nice again.

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