Sunday, 6 March 2016

York - our 60th Birthday treat - and Mothering Sunday

Friday afternoon I finished work later as I had to go to docs re septic toe in the morning.

we didn't set off to york (by the time I had ironed some shirts and packed a case and quickly vacuumed around and had a sandwich and a cuppa etc) then got my prescription for my bad toe !

the weather whilst driving up there was absolutely diabolical i we had snow and torrential rain and sleet and hail and cold cold blasty icy winds freezing up the windscreen.

the sat nav took us off the motorway and around country and in more traffic jams and deadful weather and we didn't stop but it took us 4 whole hours to get there, consequently all we wanted to do was get something to eat and get to bed as we were so wacked.  We had a lovely meal at the Dormouse next door to the premier inn we were staying at

Saturday we spent the day in York and walked around for around 5 hours plus, absolutely exhausted and my poor poor toe !  The weather was so diabolical thank goodness I bought a new thick heavy coat to go in - I have been looking for a coat for weeks and walked into Asda to get key new jeans and spied that coat - if I hadn't had the coat I wouldn't ahve been able to walk around York, I don't think I have ever known it so cold.

and we went around the Yorkshire Museum 

which was a boring as hell and cost us £15 to go in.

But York Minster was beautiful, I think we went around it two years ago but it was just as spectacular this time truly beautiful.  too many pictures to show here will show just a couple.

and then all too quickly we went back to the premier inn with the intention of gettin a taxi to an Italian Restaurant but we were absolutely jaded all the walking and we decided just to go into the Dormouse again and have a few drinks and a meal and collapse again into bed.........and of course journey home sunday morning as apparently the dog had missed us so so much and we were exhaused anyway and I had so much to do to get ready for work and what have you Monday !

But today is Mothers Day and I had some absolutely beautiful presents from the kids and I was tryly spoilt.  Will hate to get on te scales to see what weight I have gained this week or two - but it's been a great time and today was very special.  Wish my beautuful mother was here with me but alas that is not to be.  Wherever you are mom and I hope you still look down upon me - I love you and always will.

wonderful gifts, I truly have wonderful children

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