Sunday, 6 March 2016

lots of things & we changed over to the new system V6 )

Well once again last week at work Lorraine was quite funny with me.  I know that she had things on her mind regarding her old/ill dog but I am not standing for it any more, and told Jordan so.

Monday we had to get in early, well we didn't have to but was asked to do so so I said yes.........I got in for 8 instead of 9 as the system was going down pre change over at 11 am - so I had done my day by 11 am and could go home.  HOWEVER, I was very annoyed that Jordan had me and Lyndsay just on filing.  I had forgotten about my bad thumb and it started it playing up, still have niggles today (Sunday) and I had to cancel all my reflexology for the week - I didn't have to but didn't want to find I couldn't do anything at work because of my thumb but still did reflexology if you know what I mean.

Then Friday I realised I had a septic toe - had to go to the doctors as I am now diabetic and was a little worried, she reasured me that it was OK for now but we will have to keep an eye on it - whilst I was there she did a medication review and I asked if she could cut me down on the metformin - my diabetic medication and she was pleased with blood results so said yes, although she hadn;t had my cholesterol bloods done which is next week - dreading those as I have had a very indulgent weekend and a few weeks prior to that I wasn't as good as I should be - bloods for Cholesterol is next Friday and I need to repeat my diabetes bloods in 3 months time too.

Lorraine didn't come in to work on Friday - I knew exactly why, and when she didn't ring in and didn't text me I know that she is definitely being funny with me - around about 9.30 our old supervisor rang to say she had contacted her and yes the poor dog was being put to sleep that day - I do feel so sorry for her with regards to an animal as that is so very upsetting,  I texted her to say how sorry I was when I heard about it whilst I was sitting waiting at the doctors for my septic toe to be seen to.  She didn't text me back or over the weekend, so I am going to say she can go spin on it now as far as i am concerned.

and So the next post will be about Friday afternoon and us going to York

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