Monday, 1 May 2017

1st May I start my new working week of ...........

just two days a week - Thursdays and Fridays ................but all day, hope I can cope.  May day today so it's been a 3 day weekend anyway so haven't noticed not having to go to work yet of course, but off tomorrow and Wednesday - going back too slimming world tomorrow morning I like  a morning class so you don't weigh as heavy as the late afternoon or evening, sick of returning to Slimming world though but I know I have to, I havn't gained any weight but sick of being 12stones 3lb's - I go up a couple of pounds and get back down to 12 stone 3 and then go down a couple of pounds and then back up to 12stone 3lb's.

Hayleys wedding on 24th June so I want to be a stone lighter, don't know if I can do it - always seem bloody hungry but I shall try - would love to wear a nice dress for the wedding.

AND, of course, our holiday - thinking of woolacombe would love to be around 11.7 for the holiday buy a few new clothes too.

AND in between we are praying that this week Korin finds out that the house with be exchange of contracts and maybe even completion by Friday - too much to ask but fingers well and truly crossed.

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