Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday 2nd day working all day

actually yesterday wasn't so bad except for the fact that i put myself forward to attend a meeting as i never went to any meetings !  worst decision in my life.............boring and really tired as it was my first day doing a full day at work - but it wasn't as bad as i was expecting and came home and cooked and did kitchen and walked dog and watched a couple of tv programmes and DIDN'T fall asleep.  I now know how key must feel after a day working hard and I moan at him to do things, although he never does do anything so that is why I moan.  ha ha

so in ten mins I leave to go and do another full day - as long as it's busy I really don't mind working all day - it's when there isn't any work to do that drives me crazy.

poor dog though will be on his own all day today - but I will be with him every week now for 5 whole days - may get into the habit of doing 8.30 to 5 pm on Thursdays and coming home for half hour lunch time to see to the dog - and Fridays work all day - so that it's not so harsh on him.  love him to bits.

here I got then, hope it's another good day - never ever thought i would say that about working in medical records.

AND I STILL WANT TO BUILD MY REFLEXOLOGY BUSINESS !  suppose when korin is in her own home and I won't see her so often I can rebuild it - hope so anyway, if I'm made redundant in 12 months time at least I shall have something to fall back on - difficult getting another job at 62 years old.

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