Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Pocket Letter Pals...... I hope Sheila doesn't follow my blog, I don't think she does - if you are reading this Sheila - click off now. ha ha

I had heard of these and saw a few people had posted pictures but didn't fancy making them at all, not interested one iota !

However, Sheila off Inchie group and I had decided to do a swap, I left it up to her to decide whether she wanted to swap inchies or twinchies, or ATC's etc and how many.  Sheila suggested Pocket Letters.

Pocket letters are 9 segmented wallets which people keep pokemon cards in - you theme the pocket letter - or you can have a free choice, and after looking up on  You Tube I found that you also enclose a letter - can be about yourself, which is normal when you don't know someone, or can be about the pocket letter or your love of crafting etc.  You also enclose a little something behind the ATC's you make - like die cuts or a chocolate bar or a tea bag of some exotic tea etc so the recipient can sit and have a cuppa whilst they open your pocket letter.

Anyhoo, I decided on a Summer/holiday theme - and away I went, I loved loved loved it, couldn't stop !  And made my offering/swap within 3 days - now that I only work the latter two days of each week.

so here it is ..................... better in real life me thinks, and hope that Sheila likes it, she's on holiday for a week now so won't post it until next Wednesday when she will be on her way back.

front 9 x ATC's Summer/Holiday theme

Back view 

first ATC -  made like a pocket and has enclosures of hearts 

Little heart die cuts inside first ATC

top middle pocket made from life journal cards & stamped with my name 

back of card - die cut ampersand 

Little enclosure of 3 x sample washi tapes

top right ATC - as a folder type with a letter from me telling Sheila about how we love Woolacombe and the reminders of the kids when they were small, that we aren't too bothered about abroad holidays and  funnily enough we are going to Woolacombe for our holiday again this year but just me and Keiron 

Middle line left ATC - made a beach/sea view ATC and then a pic of someones feet as from a sun lounger - I used silk, shiny thread as if it was the sea waves.

the little extra in this ATC is a small colouring zentangle ATC card for Sheila to colour, although she probably wont. 

Middle of 9 ATC's is a Sun - made by me out of a mould and polymer clay, love this mould 

Right hand middle row ATC is a photo from the net of the world - everyone says how small the world is but really it's very big and we have never explored it, i know that Sheila does a lot of travelling, I think she may be retired..............because we work such a lot we don't travel much, and to be truthful with how bad the world has become with terrorists and bad people, I think I shall just travel to little villages and the like !

Another little colouring project

Gold embossed this ATC and a shiny heart 

and the little extra is some sticky-notes

middle bottom row ATC is a beach hut - love beach huts and sand was made from sand paper and a little rinchie of a deckchair - a reminder that me and Sheila met on the inchie group where we make, inchies and rinchies and twinchies and thrinchies etc etc 

and the little gift of a rubber/acrylic 'frame' stamp

bottom right ATC - a map of Somerset & my favourite place in the whole world.

the back of this ATC shows from whence I came good old Brumigum - although we escaped there as it has gone down hill considerably.

Altered paperclips are the little gift 

And the backs of those clips 

& an extra pocket attached with a ball-link chain ....... with hearts and a tea bag (when I get one) inside.

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