Saturday, 20 May 2017

Saturday 20th May 2017 - where has nearly have a year gone.

Trying to get back on Slimming World and end up at the Pretty Pigs for lunch - but we didn't overload our plates and didn't have a dessert so I felt quite virtuous.  maybe.

Korin had her car in the week, and it's lovely.

Settled nicely into two days a week (Thursday and Friday at work) - all day, and prepping is so much easier when I'm 'at it' all day long, did 15 clinics.  when I did mornings I was doing maybe 11 or 12 in the week.

Went round to Keirs this afternoon and Little Luna is just so adorable, getting bigger and now started on rusks too -  the joys of being a nanny is absolutely fantastic.  love her with all of my heart, I didn't' think I could love a child as much as my own, but Luna has filled my heart to overflowing, I know that sounds gushy and stupid but it's the only way I an describe it.

and we went to see how the house was getting on, she has a number on the door and the two car parking has been jet washed and looked really clean and sparkly - hoping above all hope she will be moved in by 8th June, fingers crossed.

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