Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Back to SW last week -

lost a pound - wasn't very good this week with the car accidnt and two days off annual leave to sort Korin and Uni - Student Finance, Tamworth Castle, UCas - and 1001 things that I normally have to do too. The interview last week and not getting the job has made me realise that I REALLY need to be ONLY working for 3 days a week - I know the money will be missed BUT I need time at home to walk Gunner - to get the house done, the garden up to date and just being able to sit and do a bit of crafting and up my reflexology treatments - I NEED MORE TIME AT HOME (although I don't want to lose my job completely).........................I have applied for SRP 22.5 hours a week over 3 days - I HOPE I get an interview - I HOPE I get the job. Fingers and everything else crossed.

Trying to do Fast Forward this week - hope to lose 5lb's like everyone else has -- but a good 3lb's loss would be fantastic then I'd be getting ever closer to target. FINGERS crossed again.

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