Friday, 8 July 2011

so sad

although I didn't want DD to go to uni - I was extremely worried about her, she doesn't cope well on her own and the accommodation she has was a pile of .... but I felt that it would do her the world of good. I know that she has had a lot of doubts and I do feel that once again she has panicked about it - worried of how much debt she will be in in 3 years time (I was worried too) AND she's hoping to get through her driving test too in the next month - I just think her mind is overloaded and she's made, yet another, snap decision 'I am not going to UNI afterall'.

I am taking monday off work - the morning I want to sit down with her and try and help her sort her life out a bit - the afternoon I have a treatment and on the evening too - then Tuesday I have my interview for a band three in Burton - I hope I get it, in some ways, but the money will be less despite being a band higher as it's less hours, BUT I KNOW I NEED TO CUT DOWN AND MAYBE HAVE A BIT OF TIME TO MYSELF, now that would be lovely - could you imagine having a bit more time at home...................havn't managed that since 2008 when I returned to work.

I get quite down how my life has changed since 22nd December 2008 - 14 years working for myself, having time to sit and do nothing, if I wished, nip to the shops and shop, if I wished, bake a cake, IF I wished - and plod along doing just my reflexology - well, YES my life has changed BIG TIME.

Never mind, onwards & forwards, praying that better things are on their way - and for DD too, I hope she doesn't regret this latest snap decision.

Love ya.

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