Sunday, 3 July 2011

Just look at my crafty purchase !

This has cost me 20 quid ! - but GREAT, I think for my art journalling - I hope...............

Who would have thought that in 2011 I would be purchasing a portable MANUAL typewriter - tee hee. I gave two away in the late 70's - early 80's one was mine which mom and dad got me when I first started to learn to type and the other one was a smith corona which was Mom in Laws after she died it came to me.....................just hope this one works, may have to purchase a ribbon which will cost about 10 quid - so not a cheap crafty purchase afterall - but it looks nice don'tcha think !


  1. Yes it does! One of those things you need room for, though. I've got a lovely vintage sewing machine which only does straight stitch so it's really not very useful - but it looks lovely! Got nowhere to put it, though...:(

  2. Ha Ha ..I was wondering what it was..I hated those things at school! ( guess my age is showing!)

  3. Great purchase - it does look gorgeous :)