Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday - it was a SUN - DAY

Gosh it's hot out there today - really was TOO hot to be doing the patio up - but it was kinda desperate as it had sunk really badly since we moved in 18 months ago..............just a few plants in my pots from Denyer Court and the patio lifted and swept - love it - must make more of an effort to USE this area now - would like to get a chiminea & a BBQ now and do a little more al fresco (sp?) dining - me thinks. I miss my beautiful garden from Denyer Court that one cost us thousands of pounds - so I can't grumble with about £100 today !

Might only be small but I am well chuffed at how much better the patio looks now it's finished.

Finally planted some plants in my pots - the pots had stood on the end of the patio from the day we moved in - completely empty.

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