Thursday, 14 July 2011

not a nice day today

BUMPED INTO THE BACK OF A CAR at the island up the was kinda the chaps fault as he 'went' and I was 'going' too - he had stopped - hesitated because a car came around the island - the island is a big island and I was going anyway so there must have been enough time to go for us two cars - but he must have panicked too much and slammed his breaks on resulting in me bashing him up the backside and being my first accident in 20 years of driving - really shook me up. Felt really fed up and down about it. BUT the good news is that i didn't resort to food, in the past I would have.

I am back on SW properly this time and determined to lose 3 - 4lb's this week - I hope. Ended up that we are with the same insurance company and they assured me that it will all be sorted - forms filled in over the telephone etc - so hopefuly things will be OK.

WHY DO I FEEL SO RETISCENT (sp?) - spose I shall hear from Injury Lawyers 4 U soon and this nice man will be trying to take me to the cleaners. I hope not.

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  1. Bad news about the accident, at least you were not hurt. The fact you stayed away from food it a great achievment - Well Done :)