Saturday, 21 January 2012


well, I don't know if I'm excited or what - I should be - I applied to reduce my hours at work under the cost improvement programme and go from 28 to 25 hours a week. BIG BOSS LADY came to see me on Friday and said that it will be possible but they don't want to lose the hours in the department - I don't really understand this at all, they have 3 in our office alone who are full time and sit there each afternoon doing little in the way of work - and yet they dont' want to lose the 3 hours per week in the department - it's crazy. Anyway, this equates to approximately £89 per month I shall be worse isn't a lot but my reflexology has decreased too per month, I reckon that I shall be around £120 worse off altogether. I will definitely have to cut my spending down quite considerably...............

I also asked if I could be moved to a different department - but I only really want to move if it means that I can do 8 am to 1 pm - so that I have every afternoon to myself.

So, as I said, I don't know if I'm excited or a bit nervous - I shouldn't be thinking about losing money - I should be making money, but I really need to relax a little bit more, and I think I can increase my reflexology a bit and those hours that I lose at around £7.50 an hour can be replaced with treatments at £20 an hour....................

I've got to do something different this year, I need to go learning again, I want to learn something new, I want to increase my business again - maybe even get back into teaching if they'll have me - that'd be very nice.

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