Wednesday, 11 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day 11 - Item of Clothing

Cheating here - item of clothing was todays 365 word/s - as I have over induldged at and the run up to Christmas I can only just about get into any items of clothing - as I don't feel DRESSED without my jewellery - I thought this BLINGY ring from my DD for my Birthday today would be my pic of the day - OK the ring is so grotesque in size and blingyness - THAT I LOVE IT tee hee


  1. Woah! Real diamonds?! lol! Love it :D
    OMG the word verification was GILLI!!!

  2. WOW !!!
    You know what Marilyn said about Chanel Nr.5 perfume ...
    Happy Birthday Gilly, xxx

  3. lol- I never feel dressed without my perfume(plus the various layers of winter clothes I might add)! It is lovely and blingy!

  4. Bit of sparkle for your birthday - hope you've had a good day! :-)

  5. Oh Happy Birthday Gilly...that is certainly a 'Blingy' Ring :-) S xxx