Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I just cannot believe it ! Using this as a non photo day for 17TH - NAUGHTY

two years I have given to collections at work, given to peoples birthdays, bought presents, given FREE reflexology treatments and FREE Indian Head Massage treatments, bunged to others gifts made my exploding boxes for WHAT THEY COST ME TO MAKE and no extra - I have given, given given and given more. Two Birthdays I have worked there - the first one they FORGOT completely - then got one of the girls to bring in a bunch of cheap flowers from Tesco. OK the thought counts - well, it doesn't in their case, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. 2nd Birthday whilst I worked there was last week and I came in to birthday cards ONLY - Fi did say that they were going to DRESS UP MY DESK for me - with what ???? - but I was off on my birthday - so no presents again for me. It doesn't bother me at all, I am not upset about it one iota - just that I am pissed off putting to their birthdays etc and get nothing in return. So I had decided that this year I won't put to anyones at all........NADA and absolutely NO free treatments EVER again and NO making any exploding boxes which take hours to make either.

BUT today Dee comes up and says that they are collecting for Fi's birthday and they want to make it a birthday to remember - so I said that I wouldn't be contributing and Dee went quite funny. So when Fi was out the office and only Charlotte and Dee remained I said 'girls, I wasn't being funny about not putting to Fi's birthday, I won't be contributing to anyones birthday this year as I have had two birthdays whilst I've worked here and not had a single solitary birthday gift off anyone' - Charlotte hung her head and didn't say a word, Dee said 'well not everyone celebrates their birthdays Gill' - so I said 'I celebrate my birthday but I have worked here for 2 years and two birthdays and have contributed to and given presents to everyone on their birthdays for 2 years and haven't received a single present on my birthday - last year I was forgotten completely and this year I just had cards off you, so that is my reason I am not contributing to birthdays this year' and Dee said 'well IF you want to be like that you can be like that' - Charlotte remained completely stum - not a single word - no apology etc, so it was obviously all done on purpose ..................... they get nothing from me at all this year - they are stupid horrible women.

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  1. Yep, doesn't seem very fair to me either ! xx