Tuesday, 31 January 2012

UKS 365 photo's - Day31 - WHEELS - last day of January ALREADY ! Blimey

on my drive into work this morning - it was massively cold - quite icy - quite horrible. I saw a woman on a bike cycling towards me on the pavement.................I thought, blimey YOU'RE brave lady ! Then I thought that maybe THAT was her only way to get to work THAT she HAD to cycle every day.........it also crossed my mind that she was probably 2 stones lighter than me and would probably be exceptionally fitter than me. I might even go seek out my DD's bike from the shed and get it done up a bit and start doing a bit of cycling - NOT to work - I think that might just finish me off completely .................


  1. We both cycle and it's a combination of saving money and keeping fit. I have to admit though that hubby has a far longer journey than I do and is therefore a lot fitter.

  2. I have a very nice bike in the shed ... gathering dust. I do get it out more in the summer, but the winter weather is not very enticing!