Sunday, 9 September 2012

Been a busy few days

and boy have I paid for it with my leg,,,,,,,haven't really gone mad, just done a few extra bits - my leg REALLY doesn't cope with any extra's ! So had a VERY relaxing day - resting leg - and crafting - (although every time I get up from my desk the leg is as bad as it was in the first few weeks) now driving me absolutely BLOODY mad. So ............... a couple of ATC's for purplebunny on UKS on my ATC trail which I host. Very quiet on there, might try and gee it up a bit. & a LO of my son's success on passing his driving test in just a couple of months and buying a car on the day he passed his test and getting out and about. I cannot express enough how glad this makes me feel. My son has suffered 'dreadfully' with M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome) for 9 years - isolation and severe depression - he is FINALLY starting to live his life. I am so proud.
Smart huh !
An actual Layout - I must be more relaxed.

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