Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Gotta stop spending !

I bought this
ONLY a tenner off ebay inc postage - HOWEVER, because it was an american fitting - I had to go buy a USA to UK adapter - £20 ! Still got my Pogo for around £30 - then papers £12 - Plus the label printer I bought at £15 another bagain NOT - have paid a further £25 in tapes for that. Plus bought my table and chairs for garden £160 and £300 on wardrobes for Keir and Olivia - the spending has to stop. I have specialist appointment tomorrow at the hospital - I hope - find out what is wrong with my leg - at long last - maybe.............leg isn't as painful today, but still having to use a crutch - physio tomorrow too. Looks like I shall be back at work by a week on Monday me thinks. i really don't want to go back - always so difficult when you've had time off - BUT I don't want to lose my job and need to get back to work now. Hope the leg continues to improve as it's been awful having a bad leg for 10 long long weeks.

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