Sunday, 2 September 2012

Feeling very sorry for my DD

She is very close to losing her BF - he is probably breaking up with her tonight, she doesn't want him to, but the last few weeks he's been distant and been away on a lads week away, hasn't been buying her little pressies like he used to, hasn't been staying over as often as he did - going out with mates more and more - telling her he was at work and that he didn't text her to tell her he wasn't at work because he throught she would be asleep. Lies and deceit - I hate that. I think he still loves her, but doesn't love her as much as she loves him. Tomorrow she will know, he said he needed tonight to do a lot of thinking, it doesn't sound good. I feel very sorry for her because she loves him to bits. AMENDED 4.9.12 - he's just being a shit and messing her about - I am so annoyed with him and she's allowing him to do what he likes with his mates and not treating her like he used to................I hope he changes, I don't normally get involved but I will this time because she don't deserve no shit.

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