Friday, 21 September 2012

You know the 'lightbulb moments'

I've had that tonight ................ well I've had it quite often over the last few weeks. My leg isn't really improving much - still don't know what is wrong with it so need to get it sorted now as quickly as possible. WHICH will mean that I will have to return to work. I don't want to go back to the boring job that I do - but I need the monthly income. I am a successful fully qualified reflexologist and have let my treatments slip and slip and slip because 'firstly' the recession in 2008/2009 saw my business drop from 30 treatments a week to 20 treatments a week to 10 treatments a week and now I do between 10 and 15 treatments per month - IF THAT ! 'secondly' I had to return to a 'paid' job - so whilst I slave away for £7.90 or thereabouts per hour at the NHS in a job that I can quite honestly say I hate - WELL hate is a strong word, I wouldn't do it if I really hated it - but it's nothing like the lovely feeling I get doing reflexology, meeting new people, helping them to feel well etc. So tonight I have decided to advertise again, do my room up again - offer home treatments again - get new towels and new nice smelling lotions and new tunics for me to wear. Gill Birch Reflexology will be fighting back - it will be difficult initially whilst I'm building my business again............but I'm ONLY 56 - there is another 'at least' 9 years of holistic therapies in me. I LOVE reflexology, I LOVE doing reflexology, I LOVE helping people. I can do it - and so looking forward to it again & maybe in 12 months time I can quit the NHS job. Fingers & toes crossed.

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