Friday, 28 September 2012

been playing - doing a lot of 'bits n pieces' !

Just messing about with paper. Been printing off some images onto transparencies and backing it with mod podge and then loadsaglitter - Gillybling is back eh. I've also made some paper flowers from magazines - haven't come out as well as I wanted them to so they need some practice. Have been thinking about more Layouts - YES I really think my LO mojo has returned - nothing too elaborate for me though these days - just very basic stuff is all I want so pointless trying to do Layouts like other people - just doing what I like doing and feeling happier about it. Have been looking through old photo's too - feeling sad how quickly the years just fly by - this one of my DD is about 3 years old - even though she has her heavy specs on - (she now wears contacts nearly all the time) - I love this photo - it is so natural. Well - I decoupaged it and love the result.


  1. lovely that you are creating again - looks fun :) Time does wizz by doesnt it ! I can't believe how old my "children" are!

  2. Oh well done! WB to the world of creating.
    Sue x