Saturday, 16 March 2013

Happy Birthday Korin

I wish that I could have given her the birthday pressie she most wished for - that would have been to be back with her ex boyfriend. She isn't over him, far from it. AND whilst he is currently in Barcelona enjoying himself - she is trying very hard to enjoy her birthday celebrations..............she says she is really happy now, but I don't think so and I know she would have dearly loved him to have been here this weekend to help her celebrate. Men eh, we can't live with em, but we can't do without em either. AND as the old saying goes - you can't help whom you fall in love with. Wishing you a very happy birthday - my baby is 22 years old. So we tried to compensate and bought her loads of gifts and she was happy with all her pressies., Including MORE cakes from Angela - very clever lady and these cakes were just devine - tasted that way too. Happy Birthday Korin we love you - hope you REALLY have had a great day and weekend.

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