Sunday, 24 March 2013

Living Life in the Craft Lane !

And here is one I made earlier...............have done quite a few LO's recently but not uploaded them. So bloody cold, so sick of the snow and ice and worried that I might hurt my leg if I go out in it. DREADING going to work - driving in it again. Sick of it all now. but this weekend decided to basically have a craft weekend - I did go Morrisons yesterday morning but came home and left the house until around 3 pm - did craft all day long - BRILLIANT........around about 3 pm to 5 pm - cleaned and put washing on and tidied around etc. Then crafted last night too. Have basically crafted today all day so far (1 pm) with emptying the washing machine, loading the dishwasher and another quick vac around as the dog is shedding fur like there is no tomorrow. So all in all it's been good - BUT must finish the washing this afternoon and cook a nice dinner for tonight, I do lead such an exciting life don't I !.

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