Sunday, 10 March 2013

45 years apart / The wonders of new technology

I found a photo on my computer of me with mom and dad a day in 1968 when we visited Nanna Mason in Burnley Lancashire. The journey in our Ford Anglia took approximately 2 hours to get there - I remember Nanna Mason taking the photograph. Fast forward 45 years or so to present day. I opened my laptop and typed in Google Maps - then her address and within a few seconds I was VIRTUALLY looking through her front window. I really expected the houses (as they were the 2 up 2 down type back to back houses ) to have been knocked down and renamed roads and a new housing estate but it's EXACTLY the same even to the point of the old factory type buildings opposite. Spookily enough too there was only one pedestrian in the road on Google maps today and HE was kinda waving on the run up to the property - and actually at the address 13 shackleton Street he was sitting outside. Anyway, this is the Layout I did tonight. Need to get to bed - busy week - a week off work will post later.

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