Saturday, 30 March 2013

Another relaxing day today - whoop whoop

Although I did do some washing this morning and got that hung onto the clothes horse in the spare room - as it is very changeable weather outside............AND I vacuumed from bottom to top - all looks quite clean - OH and I also spot cleaned my carpet by the French window - where K&K go out for fags they walk in and MUST step in exactly the same place each time they enter into the house - consequently there is one very dirty foot print - although NOT no more as I've cleaned it away and surprisingly it did clean away - gotta get all my carpets cleaned though by a specialist soon as they look very grubby at the moment. So crafting - I did do a Layout this morning, of me when I was 17 years old - how I wish I could go back - only for 'my looks' how clear and beautiful my skin was - feeling really old now I've done this Layout - ah well.

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