Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Where to start !

Key's off for two days - yippee. We supposed to have gone to Chester overnight - but the weather has been absolutely vile, colder than cold, artic conditions on the roads and snow in places. Plus he didn't get back from Cumbria until late on Monday night so I felt guilty getting him to drive to Chester early yesterday morning. So we decided not to go and got our money back from Travelodge and went for a World Buffet at the Boars head instead - it was nice but blimey were we full - came h0me and colapsed into bed for a sleep and then when we got up we didn't feel any better - still bloated and so so full. Later we went to the cinema to see 'Mama' it was a frightening film but a good film. Home and watched tv together - and a bit of crafting. BUT still full by the time I went to bed again. So today we have had a relaxing morning I've made a layout - for mothers day - and had a lot of relaxation. Finished getting my craft storage - all complete now - no more to get well in my current craft area anyway..................afternoon we are off to nuneaton to collect Keirs certificates from college and do a bit of shopping. All in all it's been a great two days and glad really we didnt go to Chester because we'd have had to come back to a messy house and no relaxation really. Oh and the postlady has just brought me my Xcut alphabet so more playing tonight, me thinks. and we are going for a meal at the Hussey arms - if they're not full - it's a very busy place.

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