Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Mothers Day - & a Layout i did last night

You don;t realise how many 'cars' you have in your driving lifetime. I came across a few pictures of cars we have had in the past - how many 'car' pictures do you need. So I decided to scrap the ones I could find amongst my loose photo's - all in all I reckon in 36 years of married life we've had approximately 19 - 20 cars - that is quit a lot. I think there are about 12 on this Layout alone and the others we just never got round to photographing. THE best car I have driven out of the ones we;ve had has to be the Jaguar with plush leather upholstery it was just a dream car - IF I won the lottery I would definitely buy another one. And I can still remember the excitment of having my first BRAND NEW car - I have only ever had the one (although hubby has had about 5 new cars which, obviously, I drive too) but never the same as having a brand new car 'just for you'. And my mothers day 'gifts' today from my kids - the tenner is x two - so £20 to spend on crafty goodies whilst on holiday - and my DD paying towards me going to see the clairvoyant tomorrow ................ with going away to Chester on Tuesday too - and Korins Birthday at the end of the week - it should be a good week - a week off work - EVEN BETTER. Whoop whoop.

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  1. aww lovely gifts. Fab page of your cars! I have only been driving since 16 yrs and have only had three cars .