Sunday, 25 August 2013

A whole month without you Gunner

AND it doesn't feel any better. Well, maybe it does - I don't want to admit that there are times when I haven't thought about you like I did the first two weeks you were gone - yes it is a little better, but I look at your photo on the wall in front of me in my crafting area, I pick up your collar out the drawer to the left of me, I sit 'IN YOUR SPOT' and smell the leather just in case your smell is still there (IT isn't, your smell has gone). I am very lonely without you Gunner. Koz and Keir are hardly here these days and daddy works so many hours, it was just me and you a lot of the time and now it's just me. I am going out more with friends as I don't have to 'be back' to get your dinner or walk you or just so you weren't on your own too much of the day. I don't have to rush home from work to let you out as you'd been on your own from 7.30 am. I miss you. I miss you so much. I loved you like a child of mine and wish with all my heart I could have you back. People will think it's strange to be so upset over an animal - but I really don't care what anyone thinks. Love and miss you Gunnybunny. mommy x

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  1. I SO know what you are going through as I was in that awful place a couple of years ago, I have a new golden retriever in my life - been here since April 2011 but I still feel that loss at times :-(

    Smile, craft & remember to feel "fuzzy" it is OK!