Friday, 9 August 2013

Two weeks without Bunny Boy - and it still feels as Raw as the day !

missing you so so much Bunny - people keep saying, you have to just get on with things and think of the happy times. Yes I do and then wish it could all be back to how it was - Gunny being here and us out walking together. What people forget is that Gunner, although a family dog, he was REALLY my dog, it was me who was with him so much, me that nearly ALWAYS walked him, I miss those afternoon walks, albeit towards the end we only went on small walks together, but it was always, just me and him. I had 6 years with him that I didn't go out the house to work (10 years altogether Bunny) - I worked my reflexology business from home with him, so we'd walk first thing in the morning and late afternoon together - in between treatments we'd sit together, I'd take him in the car down to the local field and let him run - throw the ball, kick the ball - he was a great footballer. I miss you so much my beautiful dog. I want everyone to know how much I miss you.


  1. So sorry to hear that you are so sad Gilly but Bunny looks such a wonderful companion to have shared your life. I hope in time your wonderful memories will bring you lots of happiness

    Hugs Chrissie xxx

  2. My heart breaks for you Ginny, it isn't losing a pet... it's losing a family member, a part of your life. Hugs.