Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bit of a better day at work - but it never lasts !

less stress today that the past few weeks - but as the clinics are lower than normal because of the 6 weeks holiday, it obviously won't last very long before the clinics are full and overflowing again and we are stressed out beyond belief. Horrible coming home today to an empty house - I REALLY REALLY noticed it today..........very quiet - cats went straight out and I came up for a nap - Gunner used to jump on the bed and sleep beside me in the afternoons - and I didn't mind, I loved it. Now my bed is empty too - his sofa is empty - no water bowl out for him - no food bowl. I keep remembering all the funny things he did. It doesn't upset me as I thought it would - it makes me smile and remember what a beautiful dog he was - then I remember that he's no longer with me and I start to cry again. I'm not crying as much as I did, but I wish I could go back 10 years and start with him all over again. We walked for miles in the early days because I was only doing my reflexology business and so could work around looking after him. I used to take him to pick Korin up from school, I'd go half hour early and we'd walk around the roads by the school and then meet Korin HIS tail would wag and wag when he saw her coming across the road and we'd all pile into the car for the little drive home. We had so so many trips to Sutton Park in the early days - and we walked all around the 'greens' by Marshmont Way. When we moved to Denyer court - I'd see Korin off to school at around 8 am and then we'd go out on the field by the house - and I'd take the football or small ball and we had a great time. Got back around 9 am for me to get ready to do my reflexology treatments. Gunner you were as good as gold. I am missing you so much.

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